Can't get ardour2 to sync to jack transport?

Okay I’m slow off the mark. I compiled svn version of ardour2
last week. It compiled fine but can’t get Ardour2 to sync to jack as ardour 0.99 does.

My exact setup is MusE as timemaster sending MIDI clock and MMC out to the hardware world and controlling ardour and all other jack apps with the jack transport. Once drift issues with Sync input on MusE are sorted with MusE then I will use my external sequencer (MPC2000xl) as the transport controller. This allows for perfect integration of the outside and inside world.

I find this works perfectly with ardour0.99 and I achieve rock-solid timing across all systems. However the option to sync to jack seems to have disappeared from the option editor window and I can’t find it under the options menu (am I blind). I did find the jack time master option and turned it off, but it didn’t seem to set ardour to sync to jack.

Have I missed the sync to jack transport option in the menu somewhere, is this a bug, is Ardour2 not currently enabled to sync to jack, or is this a worst case scenario and the feature has been scrapped (I pray not)?

I can’t use ardour as the time master as it only sends MTC/SMPTE, which none of my hardware devices can interpret and MusE doesn’t seem to sync to jack either (typical, everyone wants to be master no one wants to be slave). All of my hardware devices use Midi clock and MMC for sync and control, so MTC/SMPTE is useless to me as well.



Don’t worry, the feature is not scrapped. It seems you do need to get your eyes checked, though :wink:

You said you found the time master option? Do you mean the button on the toolbar? Look above that button.

Yep I probably do.

I wasn’t looking at the toolbar, I was looking in the options menu…


thanks for the tip… just automated the faders for a (measly) 12 part song…