Can't find option to change the theme

Hello everyone,

Rumor goes that Ardour supports a dark and light theme. Google and says there’s an option to change the theme under Window->Theme manager - but for some reasons, I can’t find it.

I run Ardour under Kubuntu with Polish language, but nevertheless, no theme option is visible to me.

Is the light theme still available? And if yes, can someone provide me with a screenshot with the menu option? ;).

That dark theme really hurts my eyes.

There is no light theme anymore. Nobody volunteered to maintain it as we changed the way things were drawn. It became defunct more than a year ago. It would be great to see it return, but someone would need to step up and do the required work (which is not documented).

Oh :(.

I guess all I can do now is wait and hope for some volunteers - a much brighter theme would be very useful for those with eye problems.

Thanks for the answer, Paul :).

Hi, Wojtek_U!
I use KXStudio 14.04, Ardour 4.7
Few weeks ago I found in my “home folder” some special hidden folder: “.config/ardour4”. Here I fond the file: “my-dark.colors”. This file Ardour makes, when you do some color changes in “Preferences”. I spend rather long time to get satisfactory colors (for my test) and finely decided to copy the file “my-dark.colors” in another folder (to make backup file:)). Next time, when I reinstalled the OS, I had made just few changes in “Preferences”, came in folder “.config/ardour4”, and replaced the new file for my “backup file”. Here you can take print-screen of my theme:

and the “my-dark.colors” file:

May be in future somebody will make a magical button “Save custom theme” in Ardour))

$XDG_CONFIG/ardour4/my-dark.colors is a “custom theme” and will be reloaded when you restart ardour.

Yes, I forgot to tell, that ardour takes data from my-dark.colors after restarting…

Some light theme:

Nice. Please send me your .colors file …

Аnd unless it’s not possible to download from my Google drive link?


  • when you open the link, in the middle of top in window there is a button to download.

But if you can’t find, tell me how could I send fhe file?

English is not my native. Sorry, sometimes it seemed to me I tell not clear my thoughts.


Some more bright (childish) theme:



Must to tell: thank you, “paul”, if you are that Paul, who is the “main constructor”. The most beautiful complex DOW in Linux I found!! Good Luck!

Must tell (my english…)


Yes he is ‘that paul’ :slight_smile: