Can't Find My Way Home


I recorded this in Ardour to show my bandmates a trio arrangement idea and I also wanted to try out my new AxeTrak so this recording is the result. It is one of my favourite songs and was originally done by Blind Faith…

Song is here:

AxeTrak is here:

If you love real tube tone and are unable to record a miked amp or like my case you are slowly going deaf from miking your amp in a small room with absurd headphone levels one of these will fix ya right up!

Note that in this song I used a baritone tele tuned to C and the AxeTrack speaker driver had no problem handling the lower frequencies…

Of course guitar tones are a matter of individual opinion but I’m quite pleased so far, while amp modeling and plugins are also an optional route I’m very grateful to be able to stick with what I know…

you should build an isolation box for your amp to cut down on excessive volumes. I sometimes do this live when bands are using tube amps since tube amps generally sound much better when you get the tubes really hot (which often means there pretty loud even on bigger stages) Even sticking boxes infront of the amp helps.

Ofcoarse this depends really though if your wanting the close miced sound or the room sound which an isolation box wont work with.


I contemplated that and am well able to build it but in researching I found more failures than success storied with DIY speaker coffins/isolation boxes, more often than not the box dimensions ans misuse of proper mics (ie the old workhorse SM57 isn’t well suited for a small enclosed box) were harming the sound more than helping. In my own little studio I tried baffles and blankets for years, once I had 3 sleeping bags and a duvet covering the amp but with the volume at the sweet spot for the tubes it was still too loud… *rolls eyes

I don’t disagree that DIY can be done and kudos to you if you’ve done it successfully, the AxeTrak isn’t cheap however I’d rather spend decent money on something that works than waste money, time and materials on a failure. Also I barely have room for the PA, drums, amps as it is and the AxeTrak is quite compact.

very cool guitar sound, thanks for sharing!!