Can't find controlling-midi-range preference

Hi , i have ubuntu studio with ardour 6.9.0 and an old keyboard ( Evolution E-Keys 37). I see this in The Ardour Manual - Controlling Visible Note Range , but no where in my preferences.

Is it because the keyboard doesn’t have this options , or something is missing in this version ?

The idea is to map the sounds to the keyboard… i don’t know the exact name for this, but C2 note should start at C3 , etc …


You have an older version of Ardour. This was introduced not so long ago, in version 8, IIRC.

Anyway, the option you pointed out is just to set the range of notes you see on the piano roll by default. It doesn’t depend on the MIDI instrument.

One way for transposing the notes of your keyboard is to use a plugin (for example MIDI Chromatic Transpose).

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Ok, thanks for the reply !

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