Can't download linux version of Ardour 8.1

Hi Ardour Team, I recently made a payment to download Ardour8 and used it for a few days, then I decided to format my laptop and install other linux distro and re-download Ardour but I can’t download it, looking up I tested if could download the Mac and Windows versions and it does.

Why the site don’t let me download the Linux version?

Go to the download page, Download Ardour | Ardour Community pick “Ready to Run, Linux …” and on the payment page scroll down to

Need to upgrade to to latest version, change platforms, or download again?

Then enter the invoice ID from your recent payment…

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Thanks Robin, I did it already but only can dowload windows and mac’s version, the site doesn’t let me download the linux version no matter if I’m loged in or give my invoice code.

@paul any suggestion how to continue?

You have two accounts on One of them is blocked, at your request. The other one has 3 transactions, the last one of which is marked “pending” and is unknown at PayPal. The other two are for Ardour 7.x, which will not provide you with access to 8.1.

If you have emails from PayPal regarding the missing/pending transaction please forward them to and I’ll take a look.

How could be possible to have 2 accounts, I just have one with an only strong and good password? also made one payment to Ardour 7.5 and another payment to Ardour 8.0 in the same account?

I only have successful transactions of in my Paypal account
October 8, 2023 - Transaction ID: 5LR30111P2200954S for Ardour 8.0
June 27, 2023 - Transaction ID: 7P720768AB969211W for Ardour 7.5.0

both with the same account and my only Paypal account.

The only version the don’t let me download is Linux version, if I hit to download the Mac and Windows version, the site let me download it.

I’ve reset the download counter for Linux, so that should work now.

You have two accounts because you asked us to close the first one; our system retains evidence of the old user name, and a record of transactions (which we are required to do by law).

There is an additional transaction on the active account from November 7th, but it is in a wierd state - zero dollars, state pending, and does not seem to exist at PayPal. You don’t seem to be trying to use that one.

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Thanks, Paul and Ardour Team for solving this issue!

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