can't create start/end markers to export

i just bought ardour 5 and i don’t understand how to create start/end markers to export my mixdown?

you can either: (a) use the existing session begin/end markers (just move them (b) right click in the “Location Markers” lane/ruler to create new ones. If the “Location Markers” lane is not visible, then right click in the area where the labels for the various time rulers are to make it visible.

thanks ! if i can ask another question ( maybe i should check the existing topics) but where can get some free plugins ?( eq, compression reverb )

You should have a lot of free plugins bundled with Ardour already.

found them, thanks : i will try t add some more
I have another problem now when i open ardour i have no access the menus , i’ m stuck with the editor , can’t open or close anything or use the transport palet…??? The Esc button remains ineffective…I have to leave Ardour suing ctrl +alt+supp!

Installed the download from this site? What OS etc.?

Hate to ask the stupid question but you made sure nothing was pressing a mod key on your keyboard right?


i’m with windows 7 , i downloaded it from this site , and it worked at the beginning but maybe i did a wrong manipulation now i can’t access anything even if i open a new project!!!

It isn’t even remotely clear what you mean by “i can’t access anything even if i open a new project”.

Also, our documentation on plugins doesn’t really cover the Windows situation, unfortunately. It’s not hard though: wherever you end up installing plugins, you just need to make sure that the folder is listed in the VST search path set in preferences, and then you need to manually initiate a plugin scan. We do not scan automatically because there are too many bad plugins that will crash Ardour, and if you didn’t start the scan, you wouldn’t have any idea why it crashed.

The main problemeis that i have no access the menus nor the transport palet … I just can’t do anything ,there only the time line and one track …I didn’t install any plugin yet

I have to leave Ardour usiing ctrl +alt+supp!.. maybe i should post a picture …

@lobe: saw your email. These seems like a system-specific issue on Windows, which we do not have the resources to debug or solve (that is, problems that affect specific Windows systems but not all Windows systems). Maybe somebody else the community will have some idea. I have none … this shouldn’t happen.

a few days later i uninstalled ardour and installed it again still got that totally unsuable interface. Are you sure it’s really meant to work with windows (7 in my case) I know the soft is cheap but i don’t think it’s reasonable to propose it for windows …?

It works on Windows 7. From our statistics, for thousands of people.


Yes in general it should work fine on Windows, there are commercial software packages based off this that are supported on Windows, it is just the core Ardour team does not support it at this time, they make it available in case someone wants to try. The problem is you have something specific to your system that is preventing you from being able to use it apparently. Just because it is specific to your system doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist on other systems and noone has reported this issue before, but it does mean that it would take time troubleshooting your exact system with someone that has it working on their system to narrow down the differences and find the issue, something that a core developer of Ardour can’t do right now, so hopefully one of the other windows users can help with that.


Seablade: it’s not quite true to say that we don’t support the Windows version. We do. What we don’t (and cannot) support are system-specific issues. If there are issues that affect all or a substantial number of Windows users, we consider it a support problem that we need to solve. If it doesn’t work right on a particular system, we don’t have the resources or the knowledge to investigate that type of scenario.

Problem solved : using the file manager i got out of the editor window and reattached the editor to the main ardour window