Can't create a session using Jack

Hi, I configured a new SW environment Suse-Tumbleweed, AMD 8core , /home 500 GiB ssd, / 120 GiB. 8 GiB RAM. Ardour 5.12.0
The OS as indicated is on a ssd 120 Gib ssd disk and the user data on a 500 Gib ssd disk.

I installed jack, no problem .

When installing Ardour it seam to run all ok

I can’t not create a new session using “Jack”(Jack is already running or not running). Error msg comes up

Could not create session in “/home/hase/newsession-name”

When using ALSA the session will be created.

Any idea what went wrong ?

Thanks and best regards

Is jackd running with realtime permissions?
Ardour will refuse to use JACK without realtime permissions or with rt-priority <= 5. jackd should print a warning about this, but that’s usually only visible when you start ardour from the commandline.

When using Ardour/ALSA, Ardour will only warn about it: check Ardour-Menu > Window > Log

If that is indeed the case, please see
Otherwise please launch ardour from a terminal and see if there is more information there.

Hi Robin
Thanks for your reply. And … success !!!
I configured the system as per instructions

… and it worked. Thanks !
Mind you , I expect a few more things I have to tweek …

Thanks and best regards