Can't connect track's audio out to master in bus

I’m still relatively new to Ardour, so bear with me here lol

I imported some MIDI tracks into Ardour, but can’t get sound to play through my speakers. After messing with connections for a long time and reading a few threads on the internet, I found that there’s no way for me to connect the audio out for my midi track to the master in bus.

My MIDI track is making sound, but the signal isn’t getting to the master bus.

How do I connect this track to the master bus to get audio?

On the mixer strip, click on the “-” button on top of the “Comments” button. You’ll see a list of possible outputs that should include master bus.

Alternatively you can use the routing matrix (alt+p) and click on the grey squares to connect with the master inputs. In the picture you’re showing of the piano output it is showing a bus instead of a track though?

Hey Zelv, thanks for replying :slight_smile:

“Master” is not an option when clicking on the “-” at the bottom. I am also unable to connect it to master through the Routing Matrix.

Strangely enough, though, if I add a new track, it is auto-connected to Master just fine, and I can hear it through my speakers.

Here are the two tracks side-by-side. The one showing the left-right pan is the one that works. Also pictured: the routing grid now. I can connect the synth track just fine, but still can’t connect the piano track:

Is the piano track a bus? It doesn’t look like a bus. Or is this just a bug? It’s so weird lol

It looks like you actually have no outputs to your Piano track. I genuinely have no idea why, but you can right click on the piano output in the routing matrix and add them, or add audio port when clicking on the “-” button.
If that doesn’t work just open a new track :man_shrugging:

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