can't connect to my sound card

I have a problem getting Ardour connect properly to my sound card (Lambda Lexicon). These are my connections in Jack Pilot:

Driver: Coreaudio
Interface: Lexicon Lambda
Sample rate: 44100
Buffer size: 1024
Interface Output Channels: 0 (can’t be changed)
Interface Input Channels: 2

Virtual Input Channels: 2
Virtual Input Channels: 2
Auto-Connect with physical ports: (yes)
Verbose logging for debug purposes

”Jack Audio Connection Kit” settings
driver: coreaudio
Interface: Lambda (my soundcard)
Audio: Duplex

Input device: default
Output device: default
sample rate: 441000

When I open Ardour, the log says:
[WARNING]: no outputs available for auditioner - manual connection required

I’ve tried various options in the IN- and OUT-put ports in Ardour. Nothing works. I can’t make Ardour to monitor what I record and I can’t listen while I record.

Any ideas?

PS. I’m on PowerBook G4. System: Mac OS X 10.4.11

Sure, thats correct (though irrelevant for JACK). My point was to see what Audio/MIDI Setup says about the number of input & output channels, because when JACK opens that device, it apparently sees no output channels at all.

Well. If I look at my audio/MIDI setup it doesn’t specify the actual number (that is 1, 2, 3 etc). It just lets med choose to use "Lexicon Lambda In/Out for Standard out, system out and standard input respectively. No other modifications can be made except for “format”: which is specified to 44.100 Hz and 24 bits/2 channels.

Correction! Sorry Paul. I looked again. There are in fact specified ports both for in and out, channel 1 and 2 and a master in my Audio/MIDI prefs. I wish I could send you and JPEG file but I don’t know how to include it in this message.

this is a key line:

Interface Output Channels: 0 (can’t be changed)

I have no idea what is causing this, but basically your audio hardware appears to have no outputs. I suggest you fire up
Applications -> Utilities -> Audio/MIDI setup, and report back here on what it says about your Lexicon interface as far as inputs and outputs.

Hi Paul
Under Apllications/Utilities/Audio-/MIDI setup
I have Lexicon Lambda (my sound card) under Standard input and the same under Standard output. Under system output I’ve also specified Lexicon Lambda. This would be correct, wouldn’t it?