Can't connect to interface [SOLVED]

So as you see in the image I’ve chosen my MOTU828 as input device. But when I add a track I don’t get the option to input sound from any of its ports. What am i doing wrong?

Try setting the 828 for both input and output, and see if anything changes?


/me didn’t know the 828 worked on Linux

Just did it. It got worse :sweat_smile:
I got this error message:
Failed to open audio device
(Typically caused by hardware parameter settings)

Actually that is good believe it or not. It means that the audio hardware and Alsa are not talking together. What sample rate is the hardware set to? This might not be able to be set by Alsa and might have to be set in the hardware. For instance in a new session try 48k or 96k and see if those work.


Just set it to 48kHz (it has only two options, 44.1 and 48) and it worked like a charm!
Thank you very much!

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