can't connect BCF2000 to ardour 3


I can’t connect my bfc2000s to Ardour 3. Previously, with A2, I had ardour midi entries listed in the “ALSA” tab of qjackctrl, and I could connect the controllers to ardour from there. But A3 midi entries do not appear anywhere in qjackctrl, I am using jack2, am I missing something?


oh well, I saw the ardour entries listed in the “midi” tabs, but BCF2000 is still on the “Alsa” tab so no connection can be made

a2jmidi as described here…


thanks seablade! I figured things out a bit but I seem to have issues anyway. With a2jmidi I can connect all of my bfc2000 to midi through, and than connect midi through to A3. I don’t like this solution a lot though, as I’d rather have midi through free for something else.

I figured out that my bcf2000s (I have 3 of them) get listed in the midi tab of qjackctrl as “midi capture #randomnumber”, so I can connect them straight to A3, but with a showstopper issue: everytime I turn them on and off, they have a different number assigned, so there is no way I can automate the connection!

One more thing: it seems that Ardour does not remember the “motorized” option turned on in the “generic midi” preferences. When it’s off the bcf doesn’t work properly, but I should maybe file a bug report for this…

Hi vervelover

I have a few BCFs myself and they have been working well most of the time. I run my BCFs with USB cable only and do not use their midi since my audio cards always have midi. I have not used mu BCFs lately so I cannot say if things are broken in some way.

Yes that would be my first thought, why aren’t you using the USB on the BCFs?


they actually are all connected via USB but are seen by jack as midi ports