Can't close Ardour from x close button

Manjaro XFCE linux fresh install, updated, all audio settings done, no xrun. When i click x close button to close Ardour, app freeze. I have to kill or terminate from system monitor.

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Since Manjaro is based on Arch it’s probably caused by a bug in your glibc version.


I realized it’s not Ardor’s fault, with other distros it works fine. I wanted to ask, in the idea that someone must have encountered this problem before. Thanks!

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same here on Arch, have to kill Ardour .
In Suse 15.3 it works as expected,

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I have experienced this too. Manjaro XFCE although I have never lost work and it hasn’t done it for a while. I seem to remember doing killall ardour GUI , or something like that after running top.



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Assuming this is the same issue that @peder referenced, it is only present if you use JACK and use a GNU/Linux distro that ships a git version (not a tagged official release) of glibc 2.35.x.

It can be fixed by downgrading glibc, or upgrading to to 2.36 once that is released.
Meanwhile you could also use Ardour’s ALSA backend instead of JACK.

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Hello, I have this same problem after a new installation of manjaro xcfe, about 1 week ago: ARDOUR after the installation freezes when closing, and I have had to use the XKILL function to close it and it continues like this until now, the truth nothing happens once you have your session saved, run alt + f2 write xkill and kill ardour with the skull. I thought it was just my problem after changing my hard drive, I had my system on a 160 gb mechanical drive using the entire drive for manjaro and its default partitions, I changed the hard drive to a 1tb mechanical drive, and made fat32 partitions for boot /swap/ and separate partitions for root and home both in btrfs. I’m learning to use ARDOUR and I had been thinking that this was my fault for changing the type of formats in my partitions, previously I used ext4 and after watching the UNFA videos I changed to BTRFS to make a faster backup of my system

Thanks for the reply!
I use Manjaro Ruah 21.3.0 XFCE, with glibc 2.35-6 official repositories, jack2 1.9.21-1 official repositories, Ardor 6.9-5 official repositories. I don’t know exactly when, but after an upgrade this problem appeared. A month, a month or so ago, it worked perfectly. I understand it’s not a matter of Ardor. I tried another daw, MusE, and the same problem.
Okay, we’re waiting for the solution. I also posted on the Manjaro forum, but so far nothing, no answer.

I’m running Ardour 6.9-5 on ArchLinux, with glibc 2.35-6, and I don’t see this issue.

The difference, though, might be that I don’t run Jack, but PipeWire (1:0.3.52-2).

I am locking this post now. This issue is not related to Ardour, the fix does not come from Ardour, and the thread contains repeated indications of what the fix is, where it comes from, and confirmation that it works. There’s nothing to be gained by further reports on various Linux distros that for a period of time have the broken version of glibc.