Cant cancel my ardour subscription

I can’t seem to login until the PayPal acount that was somehow created when I subcribed basically I have no access to the account and want to cancel my subscription but can’t any help?is there any way ardour can cancel it for me?@paul

If you contact paypal support, should be able to cancel it for you.
Pay pal support asked me for:
Email used
Last 2 digits of phone
Last 2 digits of card used

It may differ for you. I had sent them my subscription ID that was sent to me in the email I got and they were able to cancel using that.

Sorry, an oversight in my forum settings meant that I never saw this.

The canonical way to cancel your subscription (or any recurring form of payment made via PayPal) is to visit:


If for some reason that does not work (perhaps you no longer know your PayPal account information), email us (preferably including an email from PayPal that shows a recent payment or just mention your account name or email address) and we will take care of it.

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