Cannot redownload Ardour 7 after having paid previously

I have previously paid for Ardour 7 and been able to use it, but I have just gotten a new computer and need to redownload the program but my payment only allows me to download Ardour 7 and the only version I can seem to download on the website is Ardour 8.6.

I am perfectly happy with using Ardour 7 but just can’t seem to get access to a download link for it.

Is there a way to get access to old versions that I cannot find or does my payment only allow for a single download?

A single payment gets you access to minor updates only, unless you paid at least $45, whereby you would also get access to the next major version, which would be 8.0 in your case. You can download the program as many times as you want when a version you have paid for is available, but since Ardour is now at version 8.6 and the developers do not provide older versions, you will need to make another one-time payment (or subscribe) to download the program again from this site, and you will receive 8.6. If you still have the installer file on your old computer and can copy it onto the new one, you could re-install Ardour 7 that way. There are no limitations on the number of machines you can install your copy.

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Yeah, sorry, we have a policy (for now) of not making older versions available. We feel it diminishes or even invalidates our work on bug fixes, workflow improvements and new features.

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Ah okay. I wish I had thought about that before deleting the installer.

Thank you for your reply!

You can just copy the Ardour folder from your old computer.
If you’re running Linux you should have a folder in /opt called “Ardour7” or something similar

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Ardour has developed very well. If nothing else helps, then choose Ardour 8.6. It only has advantages and is future-proof. Thanks to all the programmers for the development.

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