Cannot Record in Stereo

Hello all,

I have Ubuntu Studio Gusty Gibson and I am newbie. I am playing around with Ardour and I can add a new track, but when I use my electric guitar and record in Stereo, it only records on the second line rather than use both. I can record in Mono just fine. How can I record in stereo? Is there a setup step I am missing.

My configuration is as follows:

Rolls Preamp with a line into to my onboard sound on a ASUS Motherboard
AMD Operton Dual Core 2.4 GHZ
2 GB Ram

Many thanks in advance!

I’m probably being daft, but doesn’t your guitar just output mono, via a mono jack? If so, them even if you plug it into your motherboard’s line input (which is stereo), the tip of your mono jack will only make contact with one channel of the stereo socket, so the other channel won’t receive anything.

You could plug into the microphone socket (which is mono) and still record to a stereo track. You’ll get something on both channels, but they’ll be identical (and so no point in using a stereo track).

…of course, if somehow you’ve managed to get stereo out of your guitar, then ignore all the above!

You are not being daft. I am just new to recording. Recording in mono for the guitar makes sense. It runs through my preamp.

However, my drum machine usually records in stereo. It records in Audacity just fine, but no luck in Ardour. Any thoughts?

Check the Jack connections (or else the track/bus inspector in Ardour under the Windows menu). The stereo track has two inputs, you have to connect each ouput of your drumkit to each input of the stereo track. Could it be that?

You should record your guitar to a mono track, selecting the correct input channel. To get the guitar sound on both sides you need to connect the output of the guitar track to BOTH the left and right channels of the master track.

Hello to everyone. I’m new with Ardour and this forum. This chain seems to be a little old but I thought I’ll post this anyway =)
I had similar problem and wanted to have stereo effect with the pan (I prefer recording two guitars). This is how I got it working:

-Add new track as stereo
-From the mixer-window select Input and delete all inputs but one. Add connection if there’s none in inputs-box. In my case it looks like this:

-Record your guitar(s)/vocs etc. You should be hearing both channels though it seems there’s ‘noise’ only on the other one:

-Now you can adjust the pan from the mixer-window to get the stereo effect:

-Repeat and pan to other speaker if desired

Hopefuly this helps someone. Sorry about the pics :wink: