cannot open my project file any longer

I cannot open my project file any longer. I always get this error message.
Loading session /home/punpunbo/ardour/punpunbo20072007/punpunbo20072007 using snapshot punpunbo20072007 (1)
liblrdf: error -

I had the error already once. But there I could rename the .bak files. Now that cannot be done any longer.
I save the project one minute before I closed it.
Sometimes apparent there is an error in the xml file when storing the project.

Please help me. I have over 100 hours work in the project.

greetings wolke

Sorry there is an error on top.
I get this error message.

loading bindings from /etc/ardour2/ardour.bindings
Loading session /home/punpunbo/ardour/punpunbo20072007/punpunbo20072007 using snapshot punpunbo20072007 (1)

can I configure ardour with debug output?

greetings wolke

Hi Wolke,

a segmentation fault (=Speicherzugriffsfehler) doesn’t look nice, but I should be fixable.

Some additional information is needed: Which version of Ardour are you using, plus your session file. Maybe you can upload it to a webserver or somewhere (it’s a bit lengthy for posting here I guess).

Try to join the #Ardour development channel at with an IRC prog (Xchat or similar). The Ardour developers use to hang out there (obviously :wink: and are probably able to give you realtime help. I guess you’re from Germany; the channel is always lively at the evenings of our german local time.


Thank you,
I use ardur 2.0.3.
Here A link to the broken file:

i am german, too… You can see it… bad bad english


Hi folks,

the error (segfault) was caused by a malformed ardour project file. The strace output showed up an error while processing the first “PortAutomation” section of the xml code. Commenting out every one of those helped me through this horror trip.

It seems that it’s a general problem. PortAutomation settings leed to problems in every track.

I keep examining the situation. Thx for your help.