Cannot Manually Edit Values

In version 5.12 from the Debian Unstable repository (5.12.0-2), at least, I cannot manually edit numerical values anymore. For example, the values of the faders in the mixer, or even in parameter values in plugins, like EQ10Q.

There are workarounds, I suppose, but I thought I should mention it.

(I just tried KXStudio version too: 5.12.0-1kxstudio1v5. Same problem.)

Bug reports really belong at

Sorry, I was not sure if it was just me or a problem with Debian’s version. (Or a known bug.) Anyway, I filed the bug report. Thanks!

Tested in versions 5.11 and 5.12:

there are no problems with mixer fader value (one click rmb and enter a value). Also have no problems in plugin’s generic view (double click rmb in any parameter and enter a value, including the EQ10Qplugin).

 With EQ10Q I have an entering value problem (5.11&5.12) in the plugin's UI itself. Suppose it's a problem of a specific plugin.

Tested in: KXStudio 14.04.5; Ardour 5.11.4/Ardour 5.12.0; EQ10Q v.2.0.0

Not “rmb” but “lmb” (left mouse button). Sorry :slight_smile: