Cannot Install On Mac OS X


My first post! I am new to Macs overall, and I am attempting to install Ardour.

These source code installs are new to me. I am looking for a simple Mac OS X install, but I keep finding my way back into terminal only to start the install and fail because of “lib” not compatible, or not available. And my install fails.

I have tried a over a few times, fixed on issue by creating a “/opt” directory, but still getting snagged…

@knucks3man: what version are you trying to install? Building from source is VERY VERY complex- that’s why I try to save you the hassle and release it in prebuilt form. If you are trying to install one of the prebuilt bundles - there is no release of Ardour 3 for OS X yet. The website attempts to make that as clear as possible. Your mention of /opt makes me think that you selected one of the Linux releases - this will not work.

I do not even have the option to “choose” On the Download page, i donate, and it gave me a button to click which downloads a .tar file immediately.

Disregard last. Found!

“… there is no release of Ardour 3 for OS X yet. The website attempts to make that as clear as possible” is not a statement of fact. in fact, it’s baloney. the 128px headline on the home page shouts

“Record, Edit, and Mix
on Linux and OS X!”

throughout the normal flow of a visit (Home-> Download-> , ExtractFunds) all mention of unavailability for OSX (or, for that matter, any OS save Linux) is absent. i found out only after “subscribing” via paypal. well, it’s only a dollar per month, i lose that much in the sofa cushions, so who cares? but if you’d like to be thought of as honest, you should change the home page headline to read

“Record, Edit, and Mix
on Linux Only.”

the “subscription” page should have red text that states “NOT FOR OSX.”

i suppose there’s a chance that you lot know all this (i mean, you must read your own site) and just see this as a new, subtle method of crowdfunding, when in reality i feel like you just picked my pocket. so, when will this OSX release occur? april is nearly over.

a slight difference for OS X ( included mountain lion):

Ardour 2:
Ardour 3: is coming

“(…) so, when will this OSX release occur? april is nearly over.”

@adambrower: As you noticed, April it is… ;).

@adambrower: I am happy to refund anything you have already paid and cancel your subscription if you feel that way. If you imagine that shaming or complaining will do anything at all to the mountain of work I face, some of which is related to an OS X release, then you are very, very, very deeply mistaken. I have as much interest in an OS X release as anybody else. There are thousands of people who have downloaded and used Ardour 2.x on OS X. Version 3 will be out once I am able to get the work done, not when enough people ask/shout/complain/plead for it to be here. Please do let me know if you’d like you money back.


You can still download v2 of Ardour which does all three of those functions (Record, Edit, and Mix) on Mac OS X just fine. It does not however do MIDI. I have been using A2 and Mixbus for quite some time on OS X, and it is still available on the download page as well.

All this being said, based off what day it is right now I would not expect the OS X release for A3 in the month of April right now personally, but Paul can still surprise me:) That text will need to be updated you are correct.


@seablade it’s adambrower, not adambrowSer, but you’re far from the first to execute that particular typo. yes, i now see the “Version 2” tab on the Download page. see my response to Paul - i didn’t recognize the tab on my first visit, in spite of 30 minutes spent digging round the site. it’s very subtle, isn’t it?

my comment wasn’t meant to shame. it was a complaint as much about the site’s design as anything, and very mild in tone, it seems to me. it’s not easy to see the Version 2 tab, and i missed it. anyway, as i pointed out, a single USD is hardly worth worrying over. i have been a developer in my life, so i understand the process: every development group i’ve participated in has set unrealistic milestones and fallen short of them. our joke was:

  1. Design logo
  2. Print t-shirts
  3. Announce release data
  4. Write code

you seem pretty exercised about my little poke, so please accept my praise for your efforts - and this before i have even dl’d version 2 and kicked the tyres! best luck to you, and i send you my $1.00/month with pleasure.