Cannot install ardour 6 on pi4

I get this message when I try to execute the file

!! ERROR !!! Can’t locate armhf bundle file.
The installer detected the system as armhf, but this bundle
does not contain the files needed for that configuration.

Maybe the same as

Are you using ?

Thanks, fount the right installer. Installed it and I got the message in the terminal “!!! WARNING !!! - Your system seems to use frequency scaling.
This can have a serious impact on audio latency.
For best results turn it off, e.g. by choosing the ‘performance’ governor.”
Did some searching and couldn’t find a workable solution.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (I’m a newbie to the linux/pi world)

It is just a warning, and unless you have issues (dropouts, high CPU load) don’t bother.

For later:

There are some desktop-applets that allow one to togle performance/power-saving.
Alternatively you can do this manually command-line:

echo performance | sudo tee /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor

On the Rasbperry Pi4 it may also be backwards; unless you have a proper cooling the CPU power is throttled when it gets too hot. Search the web for “CPU frequency scaling Raspberry Pi”.

Thanks! tried the command line, and nothing seemed to happen, except “performance” appeared in the next line. As of now Ardour6 gets as far as opening a new file, then it crashes.
Did a search for “CPU frequency scaling Raspberry Pi” and there was no clear fix, from my observations. Not a big deal. I’ll use 5. Thanks for the response.

CPU frequency scaling is completely unrelated to crashes. It’s only relevant for performance
(e.g. the CPU can go into low-power mode, causing audio dropouts), also relevant for Ardour5.

It’s odd though that A6 crashes. Can you start Ardour from a terminal window, just


Is there a message when it crashes?

No messaqe when it crashes. it crashes before it can open a file. Ardour 5 works.

Are you using Ardour_armhf-6.2.0?
Recent nightly builds after 6.2.0 had issues in the Pi (that was fixed in 6.2.202).

I just tested both again, and they work fine on a Raspberry Pi 3b and 4b.
If 6.2.0 fails, perhaps try to delete the config folder (rm -rf ~/.config/ardour6).

other than that we’d need a backtrace: Ardour 6 --gdb

Thanks, I’ll try that.

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