Cannot hear click


I installed Ardour 4.7 on the last Elementary OS. However, I can’t link the click to be able to hear it. The case to select it isn’t clickable (that’s a shame for a click :P)

Here is what I got :

I thought I did exactely like on an other computer where I can have the click but I might have missed something.

Any idea ?

Thanks !

Wouldn’t you want to connect the click directly to system output, not put it through the master bus?

It’s always unclickable. Always the white selector that prevent me to select it. I even try to create a bus to link it to the click (to increase the click volume for example), but still impossible to select it…

Is it possible that I am missing a dependencies to have the click sound ?

I also have ardour on an other computer and there is no problem on it.

At least on my setup, the click is connected directly to system output (although I am able to connect it to the master bus).