Cannot have control surface working in Ardour 4

I once had my old control surface Event EZbus working in Ardour 2 and 3. But I have no success with Ardour 4. My system is Debian Jessie 64 bits + Ardour 4.

I do :

  • edit/preferences/control surfaces : selecting and activating generic midi, with manually assign
  • checking midi activity and connection : ok
  • hit CTRL+middle click on transport “play”: ok
  • says : set the control : ok

Then… the control doesn’t work.

Any clues ?

then : control

On my Linux box, I need to start a2j (a2jmidid) and to connect it to Ardour in Qjackctl midi tab to get my surface control work (in my case Korg NanoKontrol2)
It can be automated in the setup of Qjackctl