cannot find the "destroy" command

Hi everybody,
I read the very useful informations on the reference manual (very well done!), but I was not able to fond the “destroy” command in any region context menu; does anybody know why that could be? thanks


That’s because “destroy” is called “cleanup”

To destroy unused audio: File -> Cleanup -> Cleanup unused sources

IIRC They’re kept until you close the session (ie you can undelete them until saving / closing the session)
If you want to destroy audio earlier: File -> Cleanup -> Flush Wastebasket

Can you point me to where in the reference manual you saw a destroy command? I suspect you may have been looking at the old and very outdated reference manual, but if it is in the new one I need to fix it.


That’s where I read it:

"Removing Regions

Select the region(s) to be removed. Then press the “Delete” key or use the standard key binding for “Cut” ( Ctrl+X by default).
Note that “removing” a region is a non-destructive operation. It has no effect on the audio file(s) stored on disk. If you really want to destructively remove the region, use the context menu for the region which has a “Destroy” item. This is not guaranteed to remove the audio file from your disk storage, but it generally will."

Thanks, I need to fix that.