Cannot extract audio from video

Hi. Using Ardour4.0.378 and I can not extract audio from a video.

Can someone help me ?

best regards from France


NB: it’s the only problem I encountered with Ardour4. Everything works fine.

Windows 8.1 Pro
I have all codecs (K Lite mega codec pac)

I doubt that the codecs you installed like K Lite will make a difference in your case.

Need more information, like how the file is encoded, what happens (Does Ardour import video at all?) Is there any output on the error log? etc.


Thank you seablade. tried many tilme but can’t extract audio. Tried 10 minutes ago with a video made by Harrison about Mixbus. I can see the video but I don’t have audio. And Xjadeo caérshes a lot.

Ardour4 is perfect for audio and MIDI but, IMO, but maybe it’s me, video features doesn’t work. That’s why I must use both ardour4 and reaper.

  • IPS 29.97
    Codec H264
    importer/transcoder video vers session
    extraction audio aac
    I have video timeline
    but no audio file…
    and XJADEO crashes a LOT


I have same pbs with Avi files etc…

can open video files + audio with reaper.
files are not corrupted

Avi files works with Samplitude proX too

well the next step requires some debugging work, which sad to say I can’t help you with on Windows. You would need to find someone that can, and that is fe and far between at the moment on Windows, sorry.


I understand. I’ll try with official Mac os X version. Thank you

If you have problems on Mac with that, let me know, that I can help with. And on Linux. I Just don’t know enough about how it is packaged on Windows to be able to help there, sorry.


Many thanks Seablade. :slight_smile:
I’ll try it next week on my Imac.

For the moment, I can say I tried to open this file “I’m not ready video file (.MOV)” on Reaper : took 5/6 sec to load the video and the audio track
Trancoding is not finished yet on ardour4. But it’s not in my opinion a specific problem with Ardour but with Xjadeo and harvid/ffmpeg.

best regards


Note that on import the default method is to transcode it for best performance while editing. You can however tell it not to, and just use the linked file, but can have some issues ranging from either sync problems or less than smooth playback, etc. It depends on your computer and the codecs in questions as to whether or not you run into these issues, or how bad they are.


Depends of my computer ? Hp Pro CoreI 5 16 go ram nvidia 2 Go Yamaha MXGU ?

Sorry but it works with reaper, samplitude proX, N track studio.

I don’t know what SamX uses for a decoder, Reaper can use Quicktime or VLC. What does Ardour use? Is this customisable and does it even support MP4?

Ah its no MP4, its AVI. Nevermind my comment.

Not a pb, i’ll try again another day. Ardour4 is a great daw, but not for video post synchro for the moment.


I would recommend you look through my comment again, as I mentioned above, you can tell Ardour NOT to transcode a preview version (It is in the settings, either when you ‘Open Video’ or in the preferences for Ardour, can’t remember where) if you are comfortable with that, and instead use the exact file you give it. This is not the default, because when you are doing video post, it wouldn’t be unusual to end up with HUGE track counts, where every bit of performance on the computer can help and losing, which is one reason why transcoding is default in Ardour. And then when you export from Ardour you can tell it to export using the original media instead of the transcoded preview so that there is no difference in exported quality.

I have used Ardour a LOT for video post honestly, and Ardour4 is very good for this in all honesty, at least for what I am concentrated on (Dialog and SFX with using music someone else writes).


WAit :slight_smile:
tried and tried and tried again, and it depends of file. It’s only a codec problem.