cannot drag regions


i’ve been working on a mix and everything was fine. i saved and closed the session and then when i opened it again later i found that i wasn’t able to drag any of the regions! i can trim the regions and even nudge them from the edit menu, but i can no longer drag the regions with the select tool (hand). the tracks are behaving as if they were all locked, which they aren’t.

is there something i can look for in the xml file which might’ve gotten discombobulated somehow? or does anyone have another idea of what might be going on here?

thanks in advance for any help!

@jaskah: you are probably in lock-edit mode. Change it via the edit mode selector over toward the upper left corner of the editor window. This is a mode designed for editing when you do not want any region motion at all. It can be “accidentally” entered by pressing “1”, probably a mistake to make it so accessible.

hi paul

thanks very much for your reply. i will see if this was the problem (i hope so!). i’ve been using ardour around three years now, but this is the first time for something like this to happen…