Cannot create thread 1

When installing Ardour 3.4 on Ubuntu 12.04 after ‘Jack is already present’ comes ‘Cannot create thread 1 Operation not permitted’ repeated twice. What does this mean?

Then at the end of installation I am told to choose the ‘Performance governor.’ How?

Would need more information on the thread question. Can you post the entire output to or similar site and give us the URL it gives you?

For the performance governor question:

The correct way to do it can be somewhat different on every system, so you have to do your research.


Hi Seablade. It seems that the governor question concerns laptops and I am on a desktop.

As for the first bit of your reply, I cannot full recreate it as it came at a pause point in the Ardour installation process. The ‘Cannot create’ lines come between two lines concerning Jack: ‘Jack already installed’ and ‘Jack Version Check OK’


Laptop vs Desktop doesn’t really make a difference honestly.


the governer is what controls cpu frequency scalling. When system load the cpu is slowed down to save energy, but when demand goes back up, frequency can be increased. This can cause problems with jack causing x runs so its best to use performance. There are a few ways to change the governer to performance.

If you have an AMD processor there is sometimes an option in the bios called “cool & quiet” it wont matter what governer you use, cpu should work at max speed all the time. you may get an error during boot but you can ignore it

Thanks, Veda, I remember now. Of course I would have gone for the cool and quiet setting.

my post is missing vital information, it should read if you disable cool and quiet, cpu frequency scaling wont work and should run at max speed all the time. With it enable then the cpu governer can adjust the cpu acording to the particular rules .

I just leave cool n quiet off, saves messing around.