Cannot create new tracks

I am running Ardour on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx with an M-Audio 1010LT, 4GB RAM and a 2.93GHz i3 processor. I have been running without issue until this evening when I reached a point where it would not let me create any more new tracks. It offered no clue as to why. I am up to 22 tracks, and it seems I should be able to have more.

if you are running jackd from whithin qjackctl you should probably configure it to run with more ports. the maximum number of ports in qjackctl is 1024. you could do the same running jackd from the command line with the ā€˜-pā€™ switch.

well, how ever. start jackd via qjack and go to setup tab. see if it works for you.


p.s. btw. what is the actual maximum number of ports in jack1? it seems to me that qjackctl is offering 1024, but jack does not complain if i start it with comandline and go up to -p4096 ports.

@nowhiskey: at least with jack1, there is no limit on the number of ports you can request.

I changed the setting on Jack but to not avail - I still have the same problem. I am flummoxed.