Cannot configure jack with alsa support


I’m trying to compile jack 0.109.2 from source, but when I run configure it tells me that I have no ALSA support, although ALSA (including dev headers) is installed.

Any idea what might be the problem?

I’m running a fresh Debian Etch install (AMD64) with a custom built 2.6.24 realtime kernel (using the Ingo patches).

Alsa is installed from the Debian repos. I’m planning to install all my audio apps (Jack, Ardour, Rosegarden, Fluidsynth…) from source to get the latest versions of all.

Btw, I can configure jack with alsa support just fine on my Ubuntu box. I only had to add the libasound-dev package.

Found it. libaudio and libaudiofile dev headers are required to build jack with alsa support.

I cannot build jack 1.9.7 on Ubuntu 11.10 with ALSA support. I cannot find libasound-dev in my repo, but libasound2-dev is installed instead.
libaudio-dev and libaudiofile-dev are both installed.

If I install jackd2 from repo, it also doesn’t start with alsa driver.

What might be the problem?

I had built jack several times and also installed from repo before. I am afraid I had messed sumethink up.

I dont care if I will use finaly jack from repo or built by myself.

Thank you.

Can anyone help please? I can hardely live withou jack with alsa support :).

A precompiled jackd in any decent distro will have alsa support so I don’t think your problem has something to do with that.

I think jackd is failing to start for other reasons but who can guess. Look at the messages window in qjackctl