Cancelled subscription still active

I unfortunately cancelled my subscription some time ago (hoping to renew it soon), but it still looks active. My credit cart isn’t being charged anymore, yet I can access the latest binary. Is it intended behavior?

This is what I see on the download page:

Started Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 +0000
Current status = active

Seems like a bug to me. Especially the date

Edit: also, on my account page I see that the status of my subscription is “already subscribed”. When I click the “unsublscibe” button, it redirects to PayPal, but the subscription is cancelled there and PP doesn’t provide options neither to remove it completely or reactivate it. So I’m kinda stuck

Count yourself lucky :slight_smile:

In some cases Paypal cancels the subscription but does not directly notify So you don’t pay, but still have access to Ardour as if you were a subscriber. This will be sorted out after some time.

Anyway, for all payment information Paypal provides the canonical information.

Sorry to see you go.

Well I’m not a freeloader and was about to renew my subscription, but now I can’t even do that, because the website claims I already have one. Any chance to sort it out so you guys can actually get my money?

PayPal does a bad job of reliably sending subscription cancellations, so this is not an uncommon problem. They also have no API available that we can use to “check” the status of a subscription (I know this sounds unbelievable … I tend to not believe it myself, but every few years I go back and check and eventually find the small print that says “this does not work”).

So, send me ( an email, and we’ll fix this up “in private” (I don’t want to post various details of your subscription here).

Sorry for the inconvenience

With the @paul 's help I managed to cancel and restart my subscription. Thanks for your hard work!

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