Cancel subscription without paypal access

I donate with my debit card and it’s processed by paypal but it’s not linked to any existing paypal account - not sure how I managed that. I tried signing up for a paypal with the email address I used but the payment doesn’t show (the next one isn’t until next month so maybe it will show then?)

I feel like I might be in a weird limbo here, unable to cancel from my side. Would it be possible for the subscription to be cancelled from the ardour side?

Great piece of software btw. I haven’t been doing much recording lately so haven’t needed it but I will re-subscribe in the future when I get back to it.

All subscriptions are linked to a PayPal account - the subscription is a legal agreement between you and PayPal and so it is not possible for there to be one without a PayPal account.

You can visit “My Account” at and it will display your subscription info. I will go ahead and cancel it for you manually anyway.

BTW, your paypal account uses an email address that looks like v***** if that provokes any memories.

Much appreciated Paul. Yeah, I signed up for ardour with that address but that’s not the address I use for my main paypal account. I don’t know how I managed to do it but seems I was paying by card but it was processed by paypal.

Anyway, thanks for sorting. Hope to be a subscriber again soon.

I spotted this - though unlike the poster here I have a different problem. It is possible to subscribe with a credit card, which gets processed by PayPal. I do actually have a PayPal account, but I often choose not to use it - particularly after I noticed that I could pay directly by going on to web sites - and I didn’t want to do that.

So I feel I disagree about the statement that “All subscriptions are linked to a PayPal account - the subscription is a legal agreement between you and PayPal and so it is not possible for there to be one without a PayPal account.”

I have been told that if I can still see the panel about Ardour Finance on this forum that means my subscription to Ardour hasn’t been registered. Maybe that’s not true. I can definitely see that I have paid a small donation to get started. Now I simply want to get a version of Ardour which doesn’t time out on my MacOS system, and then I’ll consider making a larger donation. I do need to get this working though.

You are welcome to disagree with it, as long as you do not mind being wrong.

All of our subscriptions are processed via PayPal. It makes no difference whether the source of funds is a credit card, a bank account, or an actual PayPal account. In every case, the subscriber has identified themselves to the satisfaction of PayPal, and has agreed to have a certain amount taken from a funding source and transferred to PayPal (and ultimately to The process of agreeing to this creates a PayPal account if the user did not have one already.

We have many subscribers who never use the PayPal account implicitly created by the above agreement for anyother purpose. Some of them believe there is no PayPal account - that’s not correct.

That is incorrect. You can visit your account page at to check on what we know about your payments/subscriptions. Note that it is possible to make one-time payments without being logged into an account at; it is not possible to have a subscription without being logged into an account at ardour.,org.

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