"Canalhas!" Third demo of Manifesto ROQ

This is the third demo of my band. All produced in Ubuntu Studio (KX repositories).
Software: ARDOUR, Darktable, Gimp, Krita, Inkscape and Kdenlive.

Cheers from Brazil!

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Wow, awesome work with open source!!! Love it!!

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Thanks! Yes, the open source software are amazing… I’m just an amateur in the illustration, design, video edition, mixing… etc. But also, with the good quality and resources of the Ardour, Inkscape and so on, we can get a good result! DIY :wink:

Hi @Ric_Sensever!

This sounds great! Obviously all the performers on this are very strong. The production is great, too.

Feels like what you might sound like playing at a club or something. I’d be curious to see what would sound like with a little more reverb to get more of a “arena” type sound going.

Great job!

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Thanks Cchoowee! Appreciate your suggestion :wink: I’m still learning (forever learning) and testing things on my music - compose, perform, mix… And it’s very helpful your considerations about.
It’s been a constant request: “more reverb!”; I’ll try next song.
Soon (that’s my hope) I’ll share the fourth song.
A huge thanks from Brasil!

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