Can you post the process for cross-compiling Ardour to Windows?

After lots of trying, I haven’t been successfully able to cross-compile Ardour either from Linux or from MSYS2. As Ardour devs use cross-compiling to build the Windows version, would someone be able to post the build scripts, packages installed and distro used here?

Also, how is the build stack (dependencies) built?

May I ask what your motivation is for building windows binaries?

Personal use and experimenting with VST stuff. I could build the linux version on linux but couldn’t cross-compile to Windows as suggested by posts here.

Plus, it would be beneficial for people who wanted to try and contribute to Ardour on Windows to have a easy way to compile it.

Also, not posting build scripts and documenting the build process is very antithetical to the spirit of FOSS and if the scripts in question are not available to the public, it might also be in violation of the GPL (though IANAL)

Have you read and ?

We simply do not have the resources to walk people through the build process.
There are only about 2.5 developers working on Ardour - would you prefer them to work on bug fixes and feature development, or helping individuals to do their own Windows builds?

PS. The open-stack discussion that you have linked to describes a different issue. All the libraries required to build Ardour do have a build-system. Also various persons have managed to compile windows versions, some even using WSL.

I completely understand what you’re saying but all I’m saying is that the scripts, list of packages installed and distro used to cross-compile Ardour should be published so that more people can contribute.
Also, yes, I’ve read the faq and the guide but the fact that mingw is used requires more steps than the guide mentions.
Plus, documenting the process would actually reduce the volume of posts asking for support as currently most problems are due to missing documentation on cross-compiling.

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