Can you buy the full version without paypal?

Just simply looking for a link or page to purchase full version of 6.0 without using paypal.

PayPal is the only payment processor we use at this time. If you want to know why, please read (which is not just about subscriptions!)

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I’ve given up. Single payment won’t work for me without being forced to create a paypal account. So I won’t be contributing to this project at this time.

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Doesn’t this screen show for you?

Yes It does, but then one or two screens later when I select country (Ireland in my case) it forces me to create a paypal account.

I just tried it, I set the country to Ireland and I see the same as you. If you set it to UK then you don’t have to make an account. Another option is Paul could send you a PayPal invoice to pay directly. I’m pretty sure you don’t need an account for invoices, but again it might vary between countries.

Tried your suggestion there but it dosen’t work, just keeps automatically resetting to Irish configuration - hence, back at square one being forced to set up a paypal account. I’ve already paid for and downloaded another DAW so I don’t need ardour 6 anymore. It would be nice to donate out of respect for the project and for the help you and Paul have offered me but this will never happen if I’m forced to set up a paypal account.

Stripe might be a good solution to add. It doesn’t have the same micro-payment rates as PayPal but since the payment provider isn’t displayed to the user until after they have entered an amount and clicked the pay with PayPal button you could filter out micro transactions before displaying the stripe/paypal option. This is a fair bit of work though so might not be worthwhile unless more people request an alternative to PayPal.

… and it doesn’t even help.

All payment processors are subject to local laws. So you’ll need a stripe account instead of a paypal one. At least in the EU you also need to provide further information to comply with regulations:

All payment processors suck. Paypal just sucks least.

You could try to snail-mail a 1g gold ingot instead, that’s about $50 and if you manage to get it though international mail, will certainly grant you access to nightly builds :wink:


I could try praying for the success of the project - but then I would be forced to open a praypal account. The Invoice method seems like it might work - as in let my bank deal with any strange caveats that arise.

I have a PayPal account but it never worked for me. Every time I try to upload cash they claim I have some pending issue and won’t tell me what. Utterly disrespectful.

Do yourself a favor and buy a daw from a company [ … the rest of this post was deleted because it contained an outright falsehood: claiming that PayPal and/or do not accept international payments ]

Not saying Paypal is perfect (it’s far from it), saying that Paypal (and therefore Ardour) doesn’t accept international payment is just plain wrong, Paypal supports international payments of most places, even though sadly indeed you need to create an account on some to do it. This is not the same as not supporting it at all.

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…in more countries that the UN acknowledges:

…and yes it sucks, but compared to the alternatives it sucks least.

More on why we use PayPal and our stance on it:

Also, Joseph Garvey, what you said is absolutely false, as evidenced by Robin’s post above. Here’s a report from PayPal on the primary’s international sales over the last 30 days:

I will probably delete your post because of the level of falsehood that it contains. You are welcome to comment further, but propagating outright lies in this way is not acceptable.

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