Can this be added?

I know there’s a “marker” system, but is there any way for us to just implement a real “locate” system? In my perfect world I’d love to use my X-Keys macro module to set something like this…

.1 set locate 1
,1 recall locate 1

all the way thru set and recall 9… that easier for my feeble mind then the way it currently is.

i’m on Win7 64bit and I LOVE how Ardour is working so far. if my ship comes in i’ll gladly be donating more than my current subscription

also a midi learn for controllers would be killer… that way I could map my console’s motor and VCA fader midi signals and have a 74 channel controller :slight_smile:

Ardour already supports MIDI learn …

As for markers, there are actions named Editor/goto-mark-N (for N between 0 and 9) which exist and can be bound to keys to jump to markers; they are not bound by default. In addition, the keypad Enter key can be used to create a marker based on current playhead location. These don’t quite add up to what you’re describing, but they get fairly close.

See also: Mixbus (Based on Ardour)


yeah I tried and bought mixbus, but it’s really cpu taxing compared to Ardour itself… I like the non Harrison version myself so far the best. Paul I didn’t know enter would make a mark at playhead. does that just mark next locate? what I am really wanting is if I hit mark at any spot to MAKE it locate 3 for instance and not whatever the next number inline is… if there’s a locate 3 already I want it to overwrite the one already recorded

seablade’s point was that you should find that keypad/numpad functionality in Ardour as well. I wasn’t aware that Harrison had back-ported it into Ardour.


Well wasn’t really my point, I didn’t know they had backported it? It was more along the lines of an example of how a similar navigation system might already exist in tools similar to Ardour. But I can certainly understand and respect the thought process that Ardour is a better option because it is lighter weight, part of why I use it for tracking live concerts and mixing in Mixbus (Though I have been known to track straight into Mixbus on occasion as well). It all depends on what you have available, and having the right tools.

Of course if they HAVE backported it, then of course that was my point, and you can ignore the above:)


My language was unclear. Harrison did backport this Ardour. I was just not aware of that. This will work as you want, assuming you have a key/num pad.

Ahh in that case of COURSE that is what I meant:)