Can the order of tracks be changed?


Is it possible to move the tracks around in the editor window (which will then be reflected in the mixer – or vice versa maybe?). I want to organize the tracks.

Same goes for the bus channels too. I like the bus channels at the end of the normal channels, then the master bus to the right of that. The bus channels currently get put in after the last track/channel and stay there if you add more tracks/channels.

I am currently on v0.99.3 but I think I am upgrading to Tiger and v2 soon.

Is this possible in v2? I can’t seem to find info on it in v0.99.3 and a click-drag didn’t do it.


at the left of the editor window in 0.99 there is a tracks list and an edit groups list (you may need to drag it into view), if you drag the track names in the ‘tracks’ list up or down it is reflected in the main editor thus rearranging the order, the same applies to the mixer window: you can drag items in the ‘strips’ list to arrange the mixer strips including busses,

hope this helps


Yes. Perfect. Thank you.