Can´t insert WAV files into tracks

Hello All,
I am a longtime Cubase user. Recently I discovered the wonderful program Ardour that came with the Ubuntu Studio 8.10 distribution.

Currently I am testing the software and I ran into a problem.

On 2 different installs I was not able to insert wave files into a track. The screen that handles the import doesn´t give you any options to to choose from. It looks like a bug to me although I am a bit coutious to call everything that´s not working ´a bug´.:slight_smile:
I am no expert on this software.
Can anybody give me a clue to inserting wav files ?

Kind regards,


This is a known bug in the Ubuntu Studio build of Ardour. Please complain to them. Meanwhile, you can probably just drag-n-drop the files from Nautilus or Konqueror or any similar file manager into Ardour.

thanks for your reply.
I also installed Ardour on my eeePC. It has a default ubuntu 8.10 install, so no Ubuntu Studio, but however the same problem occurs.
Or do you mean it’s a general ubuntu 8.10 thing rather than an Ubuntu Studio issue ?
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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

It could be. We just know that when people on that platform compile ardour from our source tarball, the problem goes away. Beyond that, nothing more is known.