Can someone shed a light on this for me

I have this yellow line going through some of my regions. I can’t find out what they actually are, does someone know?

Happy new year to you all and regards,

They’re region sync points. Set them with ‘Region | Set sync position’ (shortcut ‘V’ by default); see their positions on the Regions list sidebar; align them via ‘Edit | Align | Align sync’. They can be useful when you have events that aren’t at the very start of their regions.

Or you can just remove them via right-clicking the region and choosing ‘[region name] | Position | Remove sync’.

Thank you, Colin, that explains it. However, when I move some of those regions and then select “Edit | Align | Align sync” they are all positioned at the beginning of my project (measure 1) which they weren’t when I selected that and some of them are then completely out of sync.
Bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

‘Edit | Align sync’ moves all the selected regions so that their sync point is at the current edit point (either the mouse, playhead, or selected marker as chosen). Regions without a sync point set implicitly have one at the region start. I’m guessing that’s not what you wanted to do…

You can move audio regions back to their original recorded position via right click and ‘[region name] | Position | Move to Original Position’.

Thanks, Colin, I thought I know a decent amount about Ardour, but it seems I still get my daily lessons. Good to have a community that shares its wisdom :wink: