Can someone pls check a bug i have on newest version, before i file a bug-report?


on old versions (prio 2.0) i could set bpm to for example “83.48”,
and not just one post-point digit.
On the version i have now (ubuntu-studio version, i think 2.03?) i can only set one after-point-digit in the box within ardour!

If i change the bpm in the settings-file of ardour to something with two post-decimal-points the change will show in ardour.

So I think this is a bug of the GUI, can someone please check this in SVN version or so, before I file a bug, that has been closed already…

thanks, hope you can understand what i mean

hallo, i can confirm this behavior and i think that you are right - even the ‘non movable’ tempo marker which is located on the beginning of the session (default 120bpm) already has two after-point-digits, and the values in the configuration file has even 6 of it, so …

but trying to reproduce your issue, i found out a very simply way to crash ardour:

-just create new session,
-create new tempo marker (i did at about 5. bar, with 140bpm)
-try to grab the newly created tempo marker with the -left-mouse-click and to move them to the left or right
-ardour crashes here

i ll fill a bug report about the crash as next, but could you please try to reproduce?