Can not route through another track

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I got 2 tracks, “Audio 1” and “Audio 1 1”. When doing “Audio 1” → Master → Hardware out and same with “Audio 1 1”, everything works fine. But I really want to make a Stereo Track of it(both are mono).
So I created “Audio 2” which is stereo and want: “Audio 1” → “Audio 2” [left channel] “Audio 1 1” → “Audio 2” [right channel] and “Audio 2” Going into Master going into hardware out. When doing this not even the signals for volume move anymore, no audio out:

“Audio 3” is a mono track, testing “Audio 1 1” → “Audio 3” → “Master” → Hardware Out, which has the same problem and also does not work.

What am I doing wrong here?

Since you are routing into a track, you may need to enable monitoring of the track by enabling the ‘In’ button on the track in the mixer strip. An audio buss may work for what you are trying to accomplish as well.



Emphasizing this, what you are describing so far is exactly what a Bus is designed for in Ardour.

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