Can Not Open Project Anymore / Ardour-3.5.403

Hello Specs,
i understand that using the calf plugins (FFT i suppose) can make a project unloadable in Ubuntu Studio 14.04.
Can you help me out with a fast way to rescue my song and make it possible to load it again?
Thank you in advance

Try updating the Calf plugins to their git version, not sure if they have a released version that has a fix or not, but I believe I heard the issue is addressed in their git repo. Don’t quote me on that though:)


Hi my skills in compiling something are very low.
Is there a manual to follow to update the calf plugins.

Manny thanks for this link.
To understand these instrcutions is definitely above my skills.
I am looking for a way to open my audio project without compiling from something. As long as i can open i,t i do not bother about loosing the plugin settings.


Well the session file for Ardour is plan XML, fairly readable. I would make a backup first and foremost, then you can just remove the XML that refers to the plugins and try opening it.


Trying to compile the from Git.
Do I have to purge the old calf plugins via apt-get purge first?

if you’re not comfortable with command line, just uninstall it from Synaptic

pssssst… KX Studio repos… add the repos as instructed in the link below, update the Calf GIT Plugins package from the new KXStudio repos…problem solved no compiling. If Ubuntu (Studio) knows about this Calf problem why hasn’t it been fixed with an updated package especially if it is breaking sessions?!