Can I "use" my electric guitar as a "midi controller"?

As the title says, I would like to play sound generated, for example, by yoshimi. I haven’t got a midi keyboard, but an electric guitar instead, is it possible to connect the electric guitar to that plugin? Thanks

Not without hardware or software help you can’t… there are many problems, latency is a huge one and getting good clean polyphony (ie multiple notes at once) to translate from a guitar to a MIDI Plugin.

The only option I know of for free is the Guitarix GXTuner which I believe can convert one note at a time to MIDI but it has high latency and no polyphony. In Windows there is JamOrigin MIDI Guitar 2:

The standalone version used to work on Linux with Wine and WineASIO but I have not tested it in many years and I don’t know if the VST Plugin works outside of Windows even with yabridge.

On the hardware side there are some options, the sonuus G2M:

Or the Fishman Tripleplay:

There may well be other options and knockoffs on Amazon etc… these are the 2 that came to mind.

Thank you Glen for your reply, it s a pity for me :smiley: but right now i thought that i could make some backing tracks with the dear old lmms and work there with zynaddsubfx. I will check the links that you sent me, thanks again

There’s a bunch of hardware options over the years, some of which include hardware synth engines.

I have an old Boss GT-001 which has simple guitar-to-midi capability, although I’ve always found it quite hit and miss.

This was launched yesterday:




There’s some monophonic Software Pitch-to-MIDI Converters: You can try the Rakkarak MIDI Converter; Melda’s MTuner has a midi output, too (works fine with yabridge). There’s another, quite good one that I just can’t remember atm, but all the software solutions I found where 1) monophonic and 2) lagged. Nevertheless, it was really fun and interesting anyway.

So, I ended up in getting a cheap, used electric guitar and installed a polyphonic Roland GK3 Pickup Kit inside it. It was really a fun project. Now I use that guitar with a (also used) Roland GR-20 to play synths.

A simpler MIDI option might be the Fishman Triple Play connect. It outputs standard MIDI via USB, so you can use it without the proprietary app.

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Hello, thanks Thomas for your reply. Actually I am going to buy a cheap midi keyboard :grimacing::grin:

For Windows & MAC I have quite successfully used .
I play a real clean Pedal or Lap Steel Guitar through it. Polyphonic. Tracks well thru Ardour.
Absolutely must have clean chops but very controllable. Completely infinite sustain if you want.
Must think like the patch you have setup though. Sax or Solo Violin is one thing. Split keyboard Classical Quartet can be great fun.

It’s good to have at least two in/out channels to the computer and an aux in to your amp …

You can actually use it Standalone w/o a DAW as it has some internal instruments. If you have, like VST plugins. It will pick those up and you can choose them.

Try it out!

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