Can I somehow connect Soundminer to Ardour together?

I am a sound-designer, and I extremely don’t like Pro Tools. That’s how I came to Ardour ) The first horrible problem for me was trouble with aaf/omf import, solved with AATranslator, for now, I hope.

My question: is there any way to connect Soundminer and Ardour? Ardour doesn’t support rewire, I guess. Jack? Any other way?

If it is impossible, is there any alternative to Soundminer to use with Ardour? That’s important, there no other way for me to work with thousands and thousands wave files.

Oh, forget to say, I’m on mac.

email me a soundminer session file and I will look and see what is involved in converting it
you can email me here - info at aatranslator dot com dot au

Soundminer isn’t a session persay really. Soundminer is a library management tool for SFX files in particular. One thing that it allows you to do, along with the obvious searching of metadata etc. of sound files, is to select a section of a file and drag and drop it into the DAW of choice (Supports the ‘usual suspects’ like PT, Logic, etc.).

I imagine this is what the OP is asking about in particular, is dragging and dropping in the audio files, but I could be wrong. If Soundminer is literally just passing along an exported audio file, then it may work with just dragging and dropping into Ardour, but if it is using a custom protocol to pass along information about the sound file and expecting the DAW to process it, then that is another matter.