Can I run eq plugin on my audio output outside ardour

On ardour I use a eq to fix some frequency issues in my room but when I leave ardour can I still run my plugin on the output when listening to music outside ardour or when on YouTube

I use pulseeffects when I’m not in Ardour. You can use all of the very excellent LSP plugins while you’re doing ordinary computer stuff. This will even let you use the presets that you set up in ardour.
However, it’s been a while since I set it up, and I don’t remember how easy or hard it was.

I use Jack as the backend and Carla as the plugin host and route all outgoing audio through there. Here is a guide for setting up this solution which is started automatically with the system start. Instead of Sonarworks you can of course use any EQ.

Search the web for “BruteFIR”.

The canonical upstream doc is BruteFIR - and it can work system-wide as ALSA-plug or via JACK, but there are various projects that make it easier to use and integrate DRC. You could even dedicated a RPi to do the room correction for you.

Does it have a GUI I’m trying to look into it. I see a website with info but I have to figure this out

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