Can I record the metronome?

I need to upload my tracks to a shared drive, so that collaborators can download them and import them into their own DAWs. So I basically want click tracks that are in sync with the measures in my Ardour projects. I tried assigning the master bus as the input for the track I wanted to record it on, but apparently the metronome doesn’t go through the master bus. Is there a way to do this?

Hi, that one is easy

if you open the Audio connection Manager (menu Windows → Audio Connections or Alt+P), the metronome (Click) appears as one of the sources in the “Ardour Misc” category.
Simply route this to the input of the track you want to record to :slight_smile:

And there you go !

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While an additional click track does not hurt, I always share my tracks without and do not have any issues - back and forth - as long as I do not use tempo changes - and my counterpart uses the same bpm. Proven across DAWs …

Thank you. I looked in the connection manager, and I might have figured it out if I had not named my own click track “Click”. I thought “Click” referred to my track - I didn’t realize it was the metronome.

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