Can I paste content from other DAWs into Ardour?

Hello, everyone.

I have a project in Garageband from which I would like to copy some midi notes and paste them in an Ardour midi track. Is it possible?

I don’t think copy/paste is possible but you can export the MIDI from Garageband and import it into Ardour.

While not impossible, this isn’t very straightforward in Garageband unfortunately. You’ll find some solutions if you do a Google search for “export MIDI from Garageband.”

I’ve already had searched for it and, in fact, the process is nonsense. Thank you all for the answers!

Garageband does at least allow you to export stems, and once you have the rendered audio stem for your MIDI track you can turn it back into MIDI using any of the various audio to midi converters on the market. That might be your best option.

I’ll give it a try, thank you!

That seems horribly convoluted. Is there no way to route MIDI out of Garageband and into Ardour using CoreAudio routing facilities? If not, does jackd have a CoreAudio bridge similar to a2jmidid on linux so you could route MIDI between Garageband and Ardour using JACK?
If all else fails even a MIDI cable connected from the output to input of a physical MIDI interface would be better than rendering to audio then trying to go the other way with audio to MIDI.

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