Can I lock/glue MIDI regions to other audio regions?

It doesn’t look like Ardour does this exact thing, but am I able to somehow lock/glue MIDI regions (or individual notes) to other audio/track regions? :question:

So, in this example where I’ve manually positioned MIDI notes (-bottom) to trigger a drum transient sample alongside real drum recording regions (-top), when and if I then move the drum recording regions, I’d like the corresponding MIDI note ones to move as well:

I’ve tried other, more-automatic methods (e.g. auto. midi triggering, Rhythm Ferret stuff, transient analysis and marker use, etc.) for adjustment and use in my case, and none seem to be as perfect as simply doing the alignment work manually, which I am fine doing.

This locking/gluing MIDI regions to other regions would make this manual method perfect for me.

(Also, sorry if this is already somehow a feature of later Ardours. -I’m currently (self-voluntarily) “stuck” on Legacy Mac OS X using Ardour 6.9.0.)

Thanks for any help/info./recommendations/etc… :grimacing:

doesn’t this work? (introduced recently)

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Wow, yeah, permanent region groups is exactly what I need.
Too bad I’m stuck in the past, lol :persevere: :

Thanks for the info. though!
I’m glad to see that that capability has been added.

For now, the simple ‘solution’ of just selecting all the regions you need to move and then moving them, is what I’ll do. -Obvious, and only a slight inconvenience.

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