Can I just copy a project & have it open in other computer?

I’m still pretty new to the Mixbus /Ardour procedures and am a little confused about how to transfer a project from one computer to another. I’ve read the Mixbus/Ardour manual about exporting and consolidating but would like to know what the most efficient way to have a project open in Mixbus (or Ardour) exactly the same as I left it in the other computer with all edits, automation and fx intact. I know it must be very simple but I’m baffled by all the export choices and none of them seem to be what I’m looking for—just to move the project as is to another copy of Mixbus (same format or OS) to another computer so I can continue working on it. Thanks!

Yes, copy the project folder.

Just beware of some plugin-related caveats (ie. some plugins have different versions with differently behaving parameters, or the IR files for the IR plugin - those are a bit of a hassle).

The Export option in the menu is for when you’re done working and want to output audio files.

Thanks much for clearing that up Xperienced.