Can I have some money to hire an assistant to record for me while I play my wind instrument?

Cause it seems I cannot:
Bind multiple shortcuts to an action.
Use a foot pedal to trigger a recording with count it.
Make recording with count in the default.

Would really love to use Ardour for recording but I kind of have my hands full with my instrument.

Grab a smartphone/tablet and use Websocket server:

…but this is also with no count-in.
Did you know that “count-in” uses first tempo of the session only and ignores tempo change? :slight_smile:

Hmmm, well I’d have to step on the phone or like, rig it up for an easy touch otherwise.

As for the tempo changes, I did not know that , but I’m fine with it, it gets me into the groove the best regardless.

Preroll works too but I like a little bit of leeway, I’m a beginner, helps me get into it better, but even if I were a pro, I’d still want a footswitch.

You can use record with count-in with any MIDI controller. Just edit the controller midi map and set a button for action: action=“Transport/RecordCountIn”.
Good luck!

So I haven’t tested this, so I would recommend testing before any purchase, but my thought here is to use Bitfocus Companion to send multiple OSC commands on a button and use it with a streamdeck pedal.

You could test this by just setting up the button in Companion and using the web interface to make sure it acts like you want, and then purchase the pedal if needed.


Seriously? Hitting a button to record something within Ardour is a lot easier than actually playing your musical instrument. My guess is you can master it with diligent practice. :wink:

[In the good old days of tape recorders long before powerful programs like Ardour, I distinctly recall there was a button to push.]

Please turn the <sarcasm> mode off and let’s help @AlexAlex to fit Ardour into his workflow, if this is possible at all.

As I wrote before, there is an EASY way to program ANY MIDI controller (including foot switches if they are MIDI devices) to start record with count-in using midi map.

You can manage it, just use MIDI Tracer plus Ardour Menu Actions list here: The Ardour Manual - List of Menu Actions

Sorry - that would be me. Frankly, I didn’t take the OP as a serious question as it reflected a healthy dose of sarcasm to begin with (i.e., see thread heading). T’was playing along with the OP’s vibe. :person_shrugging:

I read it more as frustration. Never mind :smiley:

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Ardour comes with a plugin “Voice/Level Activate” that rolls the transport once
the level exceeds a certain threshold.

Add it to the track you’re recording and them make a loud noise to get things rolling.

It would be easy to add an option to the plugin to instead record with pre-roll or count-in.
Meanwhile you could just use use punch-in/out or just don’t bother to record a bit early and cut it later.


For tracking my guitar (myself all alone) I use push in/out with an appropriate range.
Sometimes e. g. for a solo I do loop recording and select the best version

Record w/Count-In
As the Start Recording menu, except it waits for 2 bars before the playhead’s position. The Metronome will tick (even if disabled) during the count-in

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I have a genuine question: why do you need to start the recording precisely at the time you start playing?

Why don’t you start the recording, then start playing some time after, and trim the start of the recording?

That is one of the primary capabilities of a DAW like Ardour (and all others). It’s how professional recording studios often work even going back to the time of tape machines, where they had to physically trim the tape with a razor blade.

And it can often give a more natural performance as you can capture the full envelope of the first notes, depending on the track and the instrument. And you get more time to pick up your instrument and prepare yourself to start playing, rather than thinking about trying to synchronise a button press with your playing.

I can understand needing this for loopers, where getting the start and end points aligned with the music and beat is very important otherwise the loop will be wonky. But for a DAW you have the option of editing the recording.



Have you tried a USB Foot Pedal for Hands Free control of your DAW. I’ve seen a single button and three button pedals very inexpensive ($18-$40) online.
You can program the button press to send a keyboard shortcut to start or stop recording.

This is no longer valid :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Thanks dev team! :kissing_heart:

It’s not just hitting a button. It’s hitting two buttons on a keyboard that may be some distance longer than the length of one arm away behind one or more microphones and then being back in the right place holding a musical intrument that may be fairly heavy and/or large with both hands in the right position in time to relax before the count-in has finished without hitting (any of) said microphone(s) with sticky-out bits of said instrument or dropping same because it (as recently mentioned) requires two hands to be held securely.

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Is this going to be one of those easily-added options that you are going to code before breakfast when everyone least expects it?

Ah, I’ve had the same issue when recording from an (immovable) instrument (e.g., drums, Hammond organ) well across my home studio floor. What solved my issue was to get a cheap USB wireless keyboard (plenty available online for hardly any meaningful cost).

I then plug in the USB dongle into my computer, bring the wireless keyboard with me and push whatever key combinations I need from wherever I need to be.

Not a software solution, but a simple cheap hardware approach that also leaves me with a small portable keyboard for whatever other purpose I might put it to use. :vulcan_salute:


Not in this case.
The plugin is a Lua script: ardour/share/scripts/voice_activate.lua at master · Ardour/ardour · GitHub - but Ardour 7.4.0 does not have Lua bindings to directly initiate record w/count-in. I have only added those recently.

Besides, it is only half of the deal. After recording you want to stop, rewind and maybe record again.

Remote control surfaces are made precisely for situations like yours. It could be an off-the-shelf wireless keyboard (USB or Bluetooth) as @OneWatt suggested, or a more dedicated solution: a tablet of phone connected via WIFI.

There is even a dedicated Ardour Transport Conroller for TouchOSC | app.

Actually I don’t get what is this all about. The simplest working solution you have in third reply, 12 days ago. Implemented by me into my MIDI controller map an tested before posting that reply. All this took just about 3 minutes.