Can I export to 4 track polywav?

I have 8 tracks recorded with a zoom F8 from 2 different ambisonic mics. I need to split this 8 channel polywav into 2x 4 channel polywav to convert them properly.
Is this possible in Ardour? Or do you have any kind of method you could recommend?

You could do this in Ardour but sox is the correct tool for this sort of thing.


Thank you Paul! I have trouble understanding sox correctly, how to split of a number of tracks from a single file. The documentation I found is always dealing with mono or stereo wavs and on top of that honestly I m pretty bad with the command line ;( so at the end I might try to find my way through ardour anyways , although it might not be the perfect tool for it…

sox MultichannelFile.wav OutputFile1.wav remix 1 2 3 4
sox MultichannelFile.wav OutputFile2.wav remix 5 6 7 8


thank you so much!! :slight_smile:

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