Can I edit favorites on my plugins list?

Hi All
As I have been testing Lots off plugins my favorites list has grown.
I hope to eventually whittle it down to a small no of stable plugins but at the moment it’s really long.
Is there a file I can edit rather that go though one by one?
Cheers All

Ardour5 saves the favorites in a file plugin_statuses in the config folder. On Linux that is $HOME/.config/ardour5/plugin_statuses by default. It is a text-file, one plugin per line with three space-separated fields:

<Type (VST, LV2,...)> <Attribute (Favorite|Hidden)> <ID/URID>

Do not edit this file while Ardour is running.

However it may be easier to just use the mixer’s sidebar or the plugin-manager. In Ardour5’s plugin-manager: sort-by favorites. click them away…

PS. The custom sort-order for the mixer-sidebar is saved with GUI settings in instant.xml in the config folder.

Thank you, I’ll probably take the safe route and go through each one. Ardour seems to be running on my system most times . BY the way your work on the plugins is really appreciated.
Cheers Bob