Can I edit automation like this?

I used ardour for editing vocals and find the automation to be very fiddly so being able to edit this quickly would be amazing, not sure if it is already possible though?

Excellent, thank you. That’s certainly close enough and will make things much easier.

In addition to that I like to use the Smart option alongside the Grab Mode. This allows you to use range cursor or grab cursor depending on the mouse hovering over the upper or lower half of the track respectively. It doesn’t allow to draw the inner region gain curve, though, so you have to switch between Draw Mode (D) and Grab Mode (G).
One last thing - in Preferences>Editor is an option: Show gain envelopes in audio regions: in draw mode / in all modes). Displaying in all modes helps me not to forget all the inner region gain envelope modifications I’ve done throughout the session.

That’s a fantastic point ototto, I often completely forget about the inner gain envelopes so that will be very handy to have that enabled, thanks for mentioning it.